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How You Can Obtain Affordable Guest House Insurance

Do you have a guest house that you are renting out to individuals or families? If you do, you will need to have it insured. Obtaining an affordable policy, that will provide you with proper coverage, does not have to be a difficult situation. Many companies offer this type of insurance. Some will have very elaborate policies, whereas others will cover the basics. You need to know that your investment is fully protected. It is also important to get the best premiums available. To obtain guest house insurance that is in your price range, let’s look at a few options or find out more.

What Does Guest House Insurance Cover?

As with most homeowner’s insurance policies, guest house policies are not that much different. It will cover the structure of the home, the interior, as well as the exterior of this household. The policies are typically based upon the size of the home, and its value on the open market. They may also base this upon the cost of rebuilding the structure. It just depends on the company that you will be working with. A guest house is really no different than a home. The primary difference is that you are not living in it. It is for this reason that you will need guest house insurance, regardless of where it is located.

How To Save Money On This Type Of Insurance?

You can get this type of insurance online. This will likely be the best source for affordable premiums. The reason that you can save money is you will often go through a broker that can find the best policies. Some of these policies will be extremely comprehensive. For example, it will cover the furniture inside, carpet, flooring, walls, and everything else that is part of the interior. As for the exterior, this may include the roof, siding, and windowpanes that can be damaged when you are renting this out. Finally, you may want to contact your current insurance provider. They may be able to add this to your umbrella of policies. By having multiple policies with the same company, they may allow you to save quite a bit every month. You may also want to consider ordering annually. This typically comes at a large discount. Once you have found several businesses or brokers that offer this insurance, you will be ready to make the right decision.

How To Evaluate These Policies

The policies are evaluated based on three criteria. First of all, consider the underwriter. This is the business that is responsible for paying out whenever a claim is made. The larger the business, the less likely it will be that they will not pay the money that will be owed. Second, consider the overall cost of the policies. If you are on a budget, you may want to select one that is at a base level. Finally, if you have a very expensive guest house, you may want all of the coverage that you can get. The small amount of money you pay for your monthly or annual premiums will be far less than paying out of pocket for damage and repairs.

How Quickly Will They Pay Out Claims?

Almost every insurance company will pay out claims within a few weeks. There is a process that each business must go through to determine what the payout will be. For example, they will send out a representative to take pictures. Based upon those images, and the measurements that they take, they will come up with a final payment amount. Once that is done, they will give you updates on how long it will be before you receive the money. This payout can come in the form of a check paid out to your company or yourself. It may also be deposited into your account so you can use the money to repair the damage.

How To Find The Best Guest House Insurance Providers

It should be easy to locate several businesses that are offering these policies. The Internet makes it very easy to find them within a few minutes. You should also look for brokers that can connect you with multiple underwriters. Each of them will send you an estimate on the total cost and what the coverage will be. One other possibility is that you may have friends or colleagues that also have a guest house. They can tell you how much they are paying for the premiums on that insurance. If you would prefer to do this locally, you should go through your local business directory. Once this is done, you can compare all of the policies at the same time. One of them will be the most affordable and provide you with exceptional coverage.

Should You Pay Monthly Or Annually?

If you decide to pay annually, this will likely save you a sizable amount of money. However, you will need to pay it in full. If you are on a monthly budget and do not have a large amount of cash available, monthly payments will be the best option. There are some companies that will allow you to pay every quarter. Regardless of what you decide to do, you will soon have the policy to cover your rental.

What If You Have Multiple Guest Houses?

If you do have multiple properties, work with a business that can give you bulk discounts on all of them. It might be a single policy that is covering all of your investment properties. This could be the most advantageous decision. You must look at each policy, if they are individual, to make sure the coverage is proper. If you have more damage to the guesthouse then you are covered for, you can end up paying thousands of dollars extra.

Do You Absolutely Need To Have This Insurance?

According to many state laws, if you own a property, and you have a mortgage, you do need to have the insurance. If you own the property outright, you may not need to take an insurance policy out. It is simply common sense to ensure your properties. You never know what can happen. It may cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to restore a house. This would be very difficult for most people. That’s why having insurance on every property that you own is always going to be the best choice.

Will They Have A Deductible?

Almost every policy that you purchased that covers real estate will have a deductible. The amount of your premium, monthly or annual, will decide on how much your deductible will be. For example, if you are paying a very low premium, your deductible will be high. This means more out of pocket money for you before the insurance will pay. On the other hand, if you are paying a high premium, your deductible will be very low. It just depends on what you would prefer to do. Many people choose policies with the lowest premiums possible hoping that nothing will happen to their property. Yet this is the best way to get affordable guesthouse insurance, particularly if you have multiple properties that need to be insured.

Obtaining guesthouse insurance is a very simple process. Going online, you can quickly access these businesses within a matter of minutes. Submitting your information to a broker will expedient the process itself. Deciding on a policy is dependent upon its total cost, what it covers, and the company that is providing the policy for you. Evaluating all of these factors will soon lead you to the best guest house insurance on the market.

Why You Should Hire A Third Party Cleaning Company For Your Hotel

In the hotel management and hospitality industry, cleanliness is one of the key factors that should be on top of your priority list. For the majority of hotel owners, hiring in-house cleaners seemed like a typical setup. While it’s true that you get to choose who to employ, as an owner, you have to make sure that your employees follow the standards when it comes to cleanliness, and sometimes, all of these things might be too much on your plate.

Failure to keep the place clean and failure to meet the standards have detrimental consequences – and this is the last thing that you want to deal with right now. With that being said, let us review some of the top reasons why hiring a cleaning company for your hotel is better and how it can benefit your business.

Professional Cleaning Services 

Regardless if you own a small hotel, a restaurant, or even an apartment, professional cleaners know how to handle the job properly. There are certain areas and rooms that need attention the most.

Professional cleaning services can identify the most crucial areas that require most cleaning, and you’re guaranteed that you’ll be able to serve your guests without having to worry about germs and bacteria lingering in your property.

Aside from using proper techniques, outsourcing this to the professionals will also assure you that they’ll be using industrial-grade equipment and products that are fit for your hotel’s needs.

The majority of professional cleaning services make sure that they follow their cleaning standards based on the local governing law. This is part of their expertise, and the company makes sure that they invest their time and money towards essential practices such as maintaining high cleanliness standards and quality cleaning at all times.

Your hotel’s reputation and cleanliness shouldn’t be placed at risk – and a professional cleaner will be able to guarantee your business that all health and cleanliness standards are undoubtedly met.

Regular Business Operations – No Distractions! 

During peak seasons and hours, especially during holidays, you’ll find yourself taking care of more guests than you regularly cater, and taking some things off your plate such as cleaning can help you provide better services to your guests.

Outsourcing the job to a professional cleaning company will save you and your employees time and effort, resulting in an increased productivity rate. You get to do focus on serving your guests, while the professional cleaners take care of everything that needs to be cleaned.

Simply said, outsourcing the cleaning tasks allows your hotel to run smoothly. These companies can work on your operating schedules – whether you need them during the opening, closing, or in the middle of the day, you can always have this arranged.

Industrial Grade Equipment And Products 

As mentioned earlier, professional cleaning services only make use of industrial-grade products, machines and other equipment to carry out the work. This means that they will be able to perform their cleaning responsibilities better.

They are trained not just to ensure that your hotel’s environments are clean, but they are also trained and skilled to determine which products are best used for certain situations. There’s no denying that commercial-grade cleaners are way better than the standard cleaning materials and products that are readily available in the supermarket, giving you results better than what you’ve expected.


Many hotel owners think that hiring professional cleaning services would cost their business more. Generally speaking, this is going to save you more money in the long run. Industrial-grade products are more expensive if you’re going to buy them yourself. It has been found out that most standard cleaning products found in the market provide subpar performance when used in businesses, such as hotels. They’re typically meant for homes – but not ideal for a business setting.

If you decide to employ in-house cleaners, you have to train employees, spend time and effort making sure that they do the job properly, hire someone to overlook the cleaners, and sometimes do a trial and error run to make sure that things are running smoothly. All of these things will cost you and your business money.

On the other hand, professional cleaners are already skilled and are familiar with what needs to be done – since this is what they do best! You can then delegate your budget, time, and effort spent on other important aspects of your business, while the professional cleaning company takes away the weight off your shoulder that concerns cleaning.

Faster Turnover 

During peak seasons, you need your hotel rooms to be cleaned thoroughly as soon as possible – so you can have it occupied by your next guests. A faster turnover means that you’ll be able to accommodate and book more guests.

This can be done with a third party cleaning service as we’ve kept mentioning all throughout, they have been trained to quickly, yet thoroughly ensure the place’s cleanliness.

Increased Customer Satisfaction 

Based on recent surveys and studies, approximately 70% of guests believe that the cleanliness of the hotel, including hygiene and sanitary factors and cleaner carpets, plays a crucial role whenever they’d decide to recommend the hotel to their family and friends. This means that it’s important that you maintain this “sparkling clean” reputation, and this can be achieved by hiring a professional cleaning company instead.

Doing this means that you have a team that’s dedicated only to cleaning your hotel. If you hire in-house employees, they may be distracted by other things especially during peak hours and seasons; and this is something that you can’t risk when you’re in the hospitality industry.

With a dedicated team of cleaners, you can keep your hotel clean at all times – regardless if it’s a holiday, peak season, or during regular business days. Consider hiring a professional cleaning company as an investment – as the returns are bigger, in addition to happy, returning, and recommending customers.


Should you hire a cleaning company for a hotel? If you want to have more time managing your business, worry less about the cleanliness and want better reviews and more returning customers, outsourcing the job to professional cleaning services is definitely worth the investment.

Why Is Host Management Essential?

Is host management essential for your business? Some benefits of managed hosting can include reliability, savings, and the ability to draw upon expertise beyond what your own company can provide. Today, there’s a growing trend of small, medium-, and even large-sized businesses to take advantage of host management. Learn more about how managed hosting works and if it’s the right direction for you.

What Is Host Management?

In IT terms, a host generally refers to the server or group of servers that run apps, websites, or storage. In more general terms, it can also refer to the servers and the network that connects them to each other and to end-users.

In this sense, Airbnb host management refers to the IT provisioning model that allows a company to lease the servers and associated software and hardware from a service provider. In turn, the provider will manage everything on behalf of this customer. Of course, contracts can vary, depending upon the service provider or options that a company may choose.

For instance, the customer might rent such equipment as storage, servers, and networking from the provider. This leased equipment might only serve that customer, but in the cases of small businesses, the equipment may be shared between multiple customers.

Essential Advantages Of Host Management

Look at some of the key benefits of managed hosting:

Saving Time 

When customers need to buy and service their own computer systems, they need to put in a lot of work. In addition, they need to dedicate time to hiring and managing human resources for employees with this job. Of course, both hardware and software need upgrades, maintenance, and replacements from time to time.

In that way, host management can help companies focus on their main business and not spend time on maintaining IT. Companies can let their service provider install systems and keep them running.

Saving Money 

Investing in hardware and software can take up a lot of funding from a budget. In addition, software and hardware generally need upgrades and replacements as they age or better solutions hit the market. Managed hosting allows these businesses to pay as they go, so they are much easier to budget for. In addition, they reduce the overhead of hiring more people to do the work.

Also, it’s important to note that small businesses can share the expertise of their managed hosting company. In this way, they might enjoy an economy of scale that only large businesses had in the past. In this way, managed hosting can give the smallest company the competitive advantage of a large enterprise.

Technical Knowledge And Support 

With host management, the provider should have customer service on call 24 hours a day. The business won’t need their own computer operators and network administrators because they can email or phone the service provider whenever they have a problem or a question. Only the largest enterprises could afford to hire this sort of technical support to call upon in the past. When travelling on a tour, it is nice to know you have the help and premium service that this provides you 24/7.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of host management is a guarantee of reliability. The host management company should have the resources to supply redundant systems to ensure something that is very close to 100-percent uptime. If businesses computer systems go down for any length of time, they start to lose money. The assurance of reliability is often worth more than the price tag of host management by a service provider.

Managed Hosting Security

Security has become a very hot issue for all companies. This can refer to software or network attacks by online criminals. It also can refer to physical threats to hardware and data from storms or fires. Most small- and medium-sized companies can’t take the steps they need to fully protect their servers, networks, and physical hardware at all times. They might not have the resources they need to have working backups or even good disaster plans.

A host management company should have this kind of protection built into the services that they offer to their customers. If your company could not survive the loss of essential data, websites, and other computer systems, then paying for host management seems like a very easy choice to make.

Is Host Management An Essential Step For Your Business?

You may be faced with host management and having your own internal IT department. For many small- and medium-sized businesses, raising the capital for equipment, software, and staff will present a huge obstacle. With a service provider, you can pay a monthly bill to get up-to-date equipment and an experienced and educated technical staff when you require it. This also makes it much easier for companies to scale up or down when they need to.

In addition, host management can help ensure that you’re working with secure, updated, and safe computer systems. You won’t have to fear that once hacking incident or fire will bring down your entire operation. Even for smaller problems, you will have the assurance that you can call upon a service department any time of day. If your system starts to run slowly or doesn’t offer you a report you want, you would simply call your provider for assistance.

Is host management essential? These days, companies tend to succeed or fail based upon their computer systems. To enjoy a competitive advantage, you will need reliable, secure, and up-to-date systems and servers at your command. It’s your choice to make for your company, but you’ll probably find that it’s a sensible one.


The 12 Best Countryside Hotels Within The UK & Ireland

Errigal Hotel 

The Errigal Hotel in Cavan, Ireland is considered to be one of the best located for countryside hotel accommodation in Ireland. Its stunning Irish green scenery along with its hospitality, make it a standout location for weddings and holiday breaks. It attracts visitors all over the world and is renowned to be in one of the most beautiful locations in Ireland.

Hotel Endsleigh 

This grand hotel has a pretty historic background and was once a shooting lodge in Devons Tamra Valley. Having been styled by Olga Polizzi, the Endsleigh is now an intimate 18 room hotel. Along with the 18 rooms, there’s also a vill which overlooks the river in a private setting and two fairytale suites. When it comes to the food, you’re in for a treat as Italy meets Spain and they even arrange for specially scheduled picnics on the grounds; and if you’re looking for a romantic getaway, they also offer babysitting services.

Cliveden House 

Next up is Cliveden House, a true national treasure. Cliveden has been known for having a part in the Profumo affair and all the greats have managed to stay there. Lennon, Churchill, Lawrence and even Chaplin have all had their fair share of elegance as they checked in with many others at the Cliveden House.

If you’re planning a trip, you can expect a lavish set of 44 rooms and 15 suites that are guaranteed to suit all of your needs. While you can experience a certain feeling of class, you’re still going to feel that warm country feeling of a home and not particularly a hotel. So, if you’re interested in resting, you can be sure that your time at Cliveden can be filled with spa dates, sailing on the river or simply relaxing with afternoon tea.

The Torridon 

The Torridon is bound to take your breath away as you whisk away to country escapes on the Upper Loch Torridon shores. You’re going to be met with 18 rooms and a lush 53 acres of woodland and park to take your mind running wild with adventure. The decor is filled with a rich feeling of Scottish heritage surrounded by contemporary design. If you’re all about the food, you’re definitely not going to be disappointed as you let your tastebuds go with a great restaurant and whiskey bar.

Stapleford Park 

Having a grounds consisting of a whopping 500 acres, you’re absolutely going to love exploring the Leicestershire estate. You’re also going to be able to spend time outdoors with mini-golf, archery and even falconry along with several others. When its time to wind down for the day, you can do so in one of 55 huge rooms which are surrounded by Georgian elegance.

Pennyhill Park Hotel 

Located just outside of Bagshot is the Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa. Beautifully clad in all things from the 19th century, is a state-of-the-art Michelin star restaurant and award-winning spa all contained within a country house hotel. The hotel is surrounded by gardens and parks which span an impressive 123 acres and they’ve also got 123 suites and rooms. So, if you’re looking for something close to central London, this is definitely the one for you.

Barnsley House 

At Barnsley House, you’re going to be in heaven with any of their newly renovated 18 rooms and wonderful gardens. The interiors were built to be modern yet chic and they house a modern British restaurant with a relaxing spa. If you’re interested in taking country walks as well as some self-pampering, Barnsley House is the one for you.


Located in Argyll on the beautiful banks of Loch Awe is Ardanaiseig. Ardanaiseig was previously a mansion that has been turned into an 18 room country house hotel. If you’re planning on visiting, be prepared to be in awe of the award-winning food and stunning landscapes. When it comes to privacy, you can easily book a boat shed that sits on the water.

Inverlochy Castle 

Located near Fort William is the Inverlochy Castle which houses 17 rooms. You’re going to be truly surprised by the beautiful decor and spectacular views. As far as food goes, you’re can expect perfect meals from a Michelin starred restaurant.

Babington House 

The Babington House is simply a stunning country house that boasts nothing but elegance. The grounds and decor are considered to be perfect by many and it suits the idea of a country house. So, if you’re planning to visit, you can stay in any of their 32 rooms, and you can also enjoy the luxury of an in-house cinema and spa.

Cavens Hotel 

If you’re planning to visit friends in Dumfries, the Cavens Hotel is the perfect place to stay. Cavens is surrounded by roughly 20 acres of lush gardens and woodlands. However, there are only 8 rooms, so you better make early reservations. The Cavens offers its guests a dive into Scottish food as well as various antiques.

Chewton Glen 

Chewton Glen screams fabulous and it is located very close to New Forest. When staying at Chewton Glen, you’re going to experience some of the best services that you’ve ever received from hotel staff. They also have a well-known luxury spa along with great food. They offer a series of treehouse suites that offer you the ultimate private experience and you even get your own hot tub.

South Lodge Hotel 

The South Lodge Hotel is more on the classy style of a classic country house. South Lodge is located close to Horsham. They’ve got 89 suites and rooms that were individually designed. The rooms contain handmade pillows and mattresses. Surrounding the hotel is a beautiful 93 acres of gardens and parks.

Just beyond the river, you’re going to be able to view South Downs. You’ll also be able to look out for great tasting food that comes from one Michelin star restaurant and the remaining two are holders of AA rosettes. If you’re deciding on either the Farriers Suite or the Godman Suite, they’ve got private terraces with your own personal hot tub.

As we conclude we have just looked at the 12 best countryside hotels within the Uk. You’ve got many choices that provide a series of activities for everyone. For those interested in the food and surroundings, you’ve got plenty to enjoy.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Booking a Hotel Room

Booking your hotel is one of if not the most important part of any trip. This is your base, your sanctuary, the place you will spend the most time in, so it is vital to get right. So you’ve taken the time to research your choice. You’ve compared the price on multiple websites and read all the reviews, but you may be still making a mistake. How? Take a look to find out why.

Expecting the Room in the Picture

That room looks nice, right? It’s part of the reason you’ve chosen this hotel and even though you won’t get that exact one, it will probably be similar. Or will it?

These rooms are usually given to guests who book directly through the hotel’s website. That’s good to know, but when the price on a comparison website is significantly cheaper, what can you do?

The good thing is you are allowed to leave a request when booking a room. Ask for a nice room politely and you never know, manners go a long way. If it is possible then you can make a follow-up phone call after booking. Hearing a request in your own words may make the hotel staff more likely to grant the request. That being said…

Expecting Your Request to be Granted

We’ve all seen the listing – double bed or two singles. You make the request when booking and assume that it’s all done and dusted. However, life is not always that easy. If you are traveling with your partner and end up with two single beds, this might be annoying, but it won’t ruin the trip. Yet a trip with a business associate that lands up with a double bed is another story.

If you have made a request for medical reasons, make sure to state that and make a follow up call. A guest with severe asthma who needs minimal dust and fresh air is more likely to get a room with large windows for airflow than someone who just wants a nicer room. Always follow-up and remember the fine print means the hotel doesn’t have to honor your request.

Never Stop Checking Your Dates

We’ve all done it – picked the wrong dates when booking. Mixing up months, days or maybe even years. While this is usually rectifiable, many hotels are non-refundable for cheap rates. If you booked a room for six months away then you may find they are more lenient when making a change, but if it’s for an upcoming busy weekend you will have to kiss that money goodbye.

Maybe you’ve never made the date error, congratulations, but don’t let this be the first time. When flying internationally, check the arrival times, time differences and anything that might be a trap. After finding out all this information, when you are due to arrive at the hotel might come as a surprise.

Reserving the Wrong Hotel

Many of the popular hotels are so successful they have become chains. This is good for accessibility but also can be confusing. Take a moment to check that the name of the hotel isn’t misleading.

For example, the ‘Budget Downtown Hotel’ might actually not be in as good of a location as ‘Budget Central Hotel’. However, you will book the first one because you are wanting to stay downtown. Remember that with chains, the order in which they purchase buildings can lead to some confusion in the names so take the time to check!

How to Pick a Hotel?

If you search for a hotel in a specific location, you will immediately be bombarded by options. Different hotels, different sights, the same hotel listed several times at different prices. Reviews, comments, pictures – it’s a minefield. So how do you know where to start?

It is important to figure out the main priorities of your trip. A family holiday abroad will be different to an overnight stay for work. Perhaps you already have a list of criteria, or maybe you have no idea where to start. This is where we can help you discover, rediscover, or decide what to look for when booking a hotel.

Pick Your Necessities

The easiest way to narrow the list of options is by picking the top features you aren’t willing to give up. Perhaps you are in a hurry and will need a free breakfast? Or do you need a modern hotel with soundproofing and blackout blinds that will ensure a perfect night’s sleep? Or maybe you are hoping to unwind and take a bath somewhere no one can bother you. Once you have that locked down, you are already on your way to picking.

So that’s the style of the hotel decided, now you need to select what they have to offer. Can you live without WIFI? Is it possible? And will they charge you to use it? Similarly, are you going to need parking or a radiator? These are all things to decide and once you have your list then it’s time to hit the comparison sights.

Tick all the necessary boxes for your wish list and get searching. It’s important to remember that even though the hotels listed will offer your amenities, check whether the price shown includes the use of them. Your hotel may have a 5* breakfast on TripAdvisor, but when you book a budget double room it may not be included! Take your time to weed out options like these to avoid future disappointment.

Check the Reviews

Reviews can be both the most helpful and the most misleading part of picking a hotel. However, it would be madness not to check them before booking. Take a look at multiple review sites to see how other guests found their experience.

Again with these reviews it good to be selective. An older guest staying on a strip in a busy city will have had a different experience than the hen party of young adults who stayed over the same weekend. By finding out the main clientele of the hotel, you will avoid any nasty surprises provided by other guests.

Make sure to look at why they have ‘poor’ reviews. Is the WIFI terrible? Does the water pressure suck? These are all things you need to know.

It’s also important to check the dates of the reviews and compare it with the hotel website. Problems that guests faced six months ago may be irrelevant now due to renovation so take the time to look at the hotel directly to see if your information is current and all-encompassing.

Check the Map!

For most people, the main reason to pick a hotel is its location, which is why it is important to be crystal clear about where it is located. Also bear in mind that the hotel will most likely claim to be in easy reach of most locations. The is a key selling point and easy reach to one person is different from another.

The only way to clarify this is independently checking the distance yourself. Are you hoping to walk everywhere? If so the five-minute drive turns into a 45-minute walk and this could be a deal-breaker. Also, check the availabilities of taxis/lift services – there’s nothing worse than getting stranded away from home!

Contact Us

No one trip is the same and the team at Lain Guest House and Hotel understand that. Hopefully, you will have found a room that is to your satisfaction already and do not hesitate to book, either online or in-person to avoid disappointment.

Not sure what is most suitable? Or booking as part of a group? Please get in touch to see what we can do for you and your needs. Our team is dedicated to making sure you have the best stay possible and can cater to all needs.

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