The 12 Best Countryside Hotels Within The UK & Ireland

Errigal Hotel 

The Errigal Hotel in Cavan, Ireland is considered to be one of the best located for countryside hotel accommodation in Ireland. Its stunning Irish green scenery along with its hospitality, make it a standout location for weddings and holiday breaks. It attracts visitors all over the world and is renowned to be in one of the most beautiful locations in Ireland.

Hotel Endsleigh 

This grand hotel has a pretty historic background and was once a shooting lodge in Devons Tamra Valley. Having been styled by Olga Polizzi, the Endsleigh is now an intimate 18 room hotel. Along with the 18 rooms, there’s also a vill which overlooks the river in a private setting and two fairytale suites. When it comes to the food, you’re in for a treat as Italy meets Spain and they even arrange for specially scheduled picnics on the grounds; and if you’re looking for a romantic getaway, they also offer babysitting services.

Cliveden House 

Next up is Cliveden House, a true national treasure. Cliveden has been known for having a part in the Profumo affair and all the greats have managed to stay there. Lennon, Churchill, Lawrence and even Chaplin have all had their fair share of elegance as they checked in with many others at the Cliveden House.

If you’re planning a trip, you can expect a lavish set of 44 rooms and 15 suites that are guaranteed to suit all of your needs. While you can experience a certain feeling of class, you’re still going to feel that warm country feeling of a home and not particularly a hotel. So, if you’re interested in resting, you can be sure that your time at Cliveden can be filled with spa dates, sailing on the river or simply relaxing with afternoon tea.

The Torridon 

The Torridon is bound to take your breath away as you whisk away to country escapes on the Upper Loch Torridon shores. You’re going to be met with 18 rooms and a lush 53 acres of woodland and park to take your mind running wild with adventure. The decor is filled with a rich feeling of Scottish heritage surrounded by contemporary design. If you’re all about the food, you’re definitely not going to be disappointed as you let your tastebuds go with a great restaurant and whiskey bar.

Stapleford Park 

Having a grounds consisting of a whopping 500 acres, you’re absolutely going to love exploring the Leicestershire estate. You’re also going to be able to spend time outdoors with mini-golf, archery and even falconry along with several others. When its time to wind down for the day, you can do so in one of 55 huge rooms which are surrounded by Georgian elegance.

Pennyhill Park Hotel 

Located just outside of Bagshot is the Pennyhill Park Hotel and Spa. Beautifully clad in all things from the 19th century, is a state-of-the-art Michelin star restaurant and award-winning spa all contained within a country house hotel. The hotel is surrounded by gardens and parks which span an impressive 123 acres and they’ve also got 123 suites and rooms. So, if you’re looking for something close to central London, this is definitely the one for you.

Barnsley House 

At Barnsley House, you’re going to be in heaven with any of their newly renovated 18 rooms and wonderful gardens. The interiors were built to be modern yet chic and they house a modern British restaurant with a relaxing spa. If you’re interested in taking country walks as well as some self-pampering, Barnsley House is the one for you.


Located in Argyll on the beautiful banks of Loch Awe is Ardanaiseig. Ardanaiseig was previously a mansion that has been turned into an 18 room country house hotel. If you’re planning on visiting, be prepared to be in awe of the award-winning food and stunning landscapes. When it comes to privacy, you can easily book a boat shed that sits on the water.

Inverlochy Castle 

Located near Fort William is the Inverlochy Castle which houses 17 rooms. You’re going to be truly surprised by the beautiful decor and spectacular views. As far as food goes, you’re can expect perfect meals from a Michelin starred restaurant.

Babington House 

The Babington House is simply a stunning country house that boasts nothing but elegance. The grounds and decor are considered to be perfect by many and it suits the idea of a country house. So, if you’re planning to visit, you can stay in any of their 32 rooms, and you can also enjoy the luxury of an in-house cinema and spa.

Cavens Hotel 

If you’re planning to visit friends in Dumfries, the Cavens Hotel is the perfect place to stay. Cavens is surrounded by roughly 20 acres of lush gardens and woodlands. However, there are only 8 rooms, so you better make early reservations. The Cavens offers its guests a dive into Scottish food as well as various antiques.

Chewton Glen 

Chewton Glen screams fabulous and it is located very close to New Forest. When staying at Chewton Glen, you’re going to experience some of the best services that you’ve ever received from hotel staff. They also have a well-known luxury spa along with great food. They offer a series of treehouse suites that offer you the ultimate private experience and you even get your own hot tub.

South Lodge Hotel 

The South Lodge Hotel is more on the classy style of a classic country house. South Lodge is located close to Horsham. They’ve got 89 suites and rooms that were individually designed. The rooms contain handmade pillows and mattresses. Surrounding the hotel is a beautiful 93 acres of gardens and parks.

Just beyond the river, you’re going to be able to view South Downs. You’ll also be able to look out for great tasting food that comes from one Michelin star restaurant and the remaining two are holders of AA rosettes. If you’re deciding on either the Farriers Suite or the Godman Suite, they’ve got private terraces with your own personal hot tub.

As we conclude we have just looked at the 12 best countryside hotels within the Uk. You’ve got many choices that provide a series of activities for everyone. For those interested in the food and surroundings, you’ve got plenty to enjoy.