Why You Should Hire A Third Party Cleaning Company For Your Hotel

In the hotel management and hospitality industry, cleanliness is one of the key factors that should be on top of your priority list. For the majority of hotel owners, hiring in-house cleaners seemed like a typical setup. While it’s true that you get to choose who to employ, as an owner, you have to make sure that your employees follow the standards when it comes to cleanliness, and sometimes, all of these things might be too much on your plate.

Failure to keep the place clean and failure to meet the standards have detrimental consequences – and this is the last thing that you want to deal with right now. With that being said, let us review some of the top reasons why hiring a cleaning company for your hotel is better and how it can benefit your business.

Professional Cleaning Services 

Regardless if you own a small hotel, a restaurant, or even an apartment, professional cleaners know how to handle the job properly. There are certain areas and rooms that need attention the most.

Professional cleaning services can identify the most crucial areas that require most cleaning, and you’re guaranteed that you’ll be able to serve your guests without having to worry about germs and bacteria lingering in your property.

Aside from using proper techniques, outsourcing this to the professionals will also assure you that they’ll be using industrial-grade equipment and products that are fit for your hotel’s needs.

The majority of professional cleaning services make sure that they follow their cleaning standards based on the local governing law. This is part of their expertise, and the company makes sure that they invest their time and money towards essential practices such as maintaining high cleanliness standards and quality cleaning at all times.

Your hotel’s reputation and cleanliness shouldn’t be placed at risk – and a professional cleaner will be able to guarantee your business that all health and cleanliness standards are undoubtedly met.

Regular Business Operations – No Distractions! 

During peak seasons and hours, especially during holidays, you’ll find yourself taking care of more guests than you regularly cater, and taking some things off your plate such as cleaning can help you provide better services to your guests.

Outsourcing the job to a professional cleaning company will save you and your employees time and effort, resulting in an increased productivity rate. You get to do focus on serving your guests, while the professional cleaners take care of everything that needs to be cleaned.

Simply said, outsourcing the cleaning tasks allows your hotel to run smoothly. These companies can work on your operating schedules – whether you need them during the opening, closing, or in the middle of the day, you can always have this arranged.

Industrial Grade Equipment And Products 

As mentioned earlier, professional cleaning services only make use of industrial-grade products, machines and other equipment to carry out the work. This means that they will be able to perform their cleaning responsibilities better.

They are trained not just to ensure that your hotel’s environments are clean, but they are also trained and skilled to determine which products are best used for certain situations. There’s no denying that commercial-grade cleaners are way better than the standard cleaning materials and products that are readily available in the supermarket, giving you results better than what you’ve expected.


Many hotel owners think that hiring professional cleaning services would cost their business more. Generally speaking, this is going to save you more money in the long run. Industrial-grade products are more expensive if you’re going to buy them yourself. It has been found out that most standard cleaning products found in the market provide subpar performance when used in businesses, such as hotels. They’re typically meant for homes – but not ideal for a business setting.

If you decide to employ in-house cleaners, you have to train employees, spend time and effort making sure that they do the job properly, hire someone to overlook the cleaners, and sometimes do a trial and error run to make sure that things are running smoothly. All of these things will cost you and your business money.

On the other hand, professional cleaners are already skilled and are familiar with what needs to be done – since this is what they do best! You can then delegate your budget, time, and effort spent on other important aspects of your business, while the professional cleaning company takes away the weight off your shoulder that concerns cleaning.

Faster Turnover 

During peak seasons, you need your hotel rooms to be cleaned thoroughly as soon as possible – so you can have it occupied by your next guests. A faster turnover means that you’ll be able to accommodate and book more guests.

This can be done with a third party cleaning service as we’ve kept mentioning all throughout, they have been trained to quickly, yet thoroughly ensure the place’s cleanliness.

Increased Customer Satisfaction 

Based on recent surveys and studies, approximately 70% of guests believe that the cleanliness of the hotel, including hygiene and sanitary factors and cleaner carpets, plays a crucial role whenever they’d decide to recommend the hotel to their family and friends. This means that it’s important that you maintain this “sparkling clean” reputation, and this can be achieved by hiring a professional cleaning company instead.

Doing this means that you have a team that’s dedicated only to cleaning your hotel. If you hire in-house employees, they may be distracted by other things especially during peak hours and seasons; and this is something that you can’t risk when you’re in the hospitality industry.

With a dedicated team of cleaners, you can keep your hotel clean at all times – regardless if it’s a holiday, peak season, or during regular business days. Consider hiring a professional cleaning company as an investment – as the returns are bigger, in addition to happy, returning, and recommending customers.


Should you hire a cleaning company for a hotel? If you want to have more time managing your business, worry less about the cleanliness and want better reviews and more returning customers, outsourcing the job to professional cleaning services is definitely worth the investment.